A short history of the
Banks Street Bar & Grill

In, 1959, locals of what is known as "Mid-City" New Orleans loved to gather in the booths of "The Corner Bar," later named "Mid-City Grill" @ 4401 Banks Street in New Orleans.

There they would catch up on the local gossip or spin the latest Fats Domino records. From the 50's to the 70's, Matt Gherigich rock and rolled local patrons at this "Music City Lighthouse."Later, chef and owner, Don Celentano added the grill and treated patrons to his fine cuisine.

In its darkest hours after the Hurricane Katrina, former owners Greg and Maria served free food and drinks on an upside-down pool table. The faithful musicians who remained in the city would play acoustically by candlelight to the flooded neighborhood. You could see New Orleans' finest players -- Walter "Wolfman" Washington, Rebirth Brass Band, Kevin O'Day, Soul Project, and the list goes on... playing to what was left of New Orleans as the rest of the world watched on.

In 2007, Greg met a passionate young musician and businessman who dreamed of continuing this phenomenon and sharing the "Banks Street Bar & Grill" Experience with the Whole World -- in the Funkiest purple Club in -- quite simply -- New Orleans, "Music City".

Richie now does just that, along with a lively crew of the cutest bartenders in Louisiana -- serving his own free Red Beans & Rice Monday Nights, Reggae jams on Tuesdays, and crawfish boils and rockin'cookouts on the weekends. Now completely updated, Banks Street has a 7.1 digital HD cinema, a newly renovated and expanded stage and updated light show.

Think of us as Ya Daddy's Banks on steroids! We are dedicated to promoting and nurturing the rich diversity of music that is unique to New Orleans. Here you'll find the Funky Red Sofa, a Disco Ball and Christmas lights, a jukebox that plays everything from Tom Jones, Irma Thomas, and Ray Charles to Led Zeppelin and Ingrid Lucia, albums from the golden era of vinyl; there is even an interesting guitar collection on the walls. Don't miss the impressive collection of beautiful, internationally-renowned artwork characterizing the unique people and spirit here.

"This is the only place on earth where you can experience free live music 365 days a year -- every night, uninhibited."

Sometimes there is funk, sometimes rock, blues, jazz. We are now partners with the NOLA Indie Rock Collective and Sweet Home New Orleans. Sometimes there's one band, sometimes four or five. You never know who's going to show up and jam, and that's the way we like it! Come hear our singing bartenders, and party with Charlie & The Gang. With just a little encouragement, you can always get Richard to jump on stage and show off his guitar chops. Our restaurant, Clesi's Seafood, serves tasty fresh seafood dishes, and is open into the wee hours dishing out the best food to music lovers.

Lunch, dinner and late nite!

There's always a good time to be had at Banks Street Bar & Grill --- a unique place in a city as unique as New Orleans.


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