Should you buy a bread machine?

The aroma of a hot loaf of bread baking in the oven is familiar and comforting to many of us. The taste of freshly made bread is exceptionally distinct from the sliced loaves of packaged bread that we buy at the supermarket.

Even though making bread by hand is doable and a lovely experience, many of us have time constraints that prevent us from making bread regularly. A bread machine comes to the rescue for those who don’t have the time or inclination to make bread from scratch every day.

What’s the point of having a bread machine? Honestly, it all depends. Everyone has their own set of circumstances, tastes, and desires that must be taken into consideration. For some, a bread machine will be a worthwhile purchase, but it’s a waste of money to get one for others.

Let us begin by stating that this subject will be approached from a variety of perspectives. Our objective is that this information will help you decide whether or not a bread machine is worth the money.

A Bread Machine’s Purposes

Is a Bread Machine Worth It

Is a Bread Machine Worth It

Let’s begin by defining what a bread machine can do. The most popular usage is to make bread, as you may already be aware. It is possible to use a bread machine to make both yeast and quick bread.

All kinds of bread can be made with them, from substantial whole-grain loaves to airy white types. Alternatively, you can use a bread machine for the mixing and kneading cycle without actually baking a loaf of bread in the device.

This is a valuable tool when making cinnamon rolls, croissants, pizza dough, and other bread that must be shaped by hand.

Many high-end bread machines contain settings for creating jam, pudding, and cake, surprising some people. The more affordable bread machines are less likely to offer this capability, but a handful does.

Play around with bread machine recipes on the internet and see what you can come up with.



This is perhaps the most common reason why people buy a bread maker. Using a bread machine saves us a lot of time because making bread by hand takes a long time.

Aside from the five minutes, it takes to measure and arrange the ingredients in the pan. Most bread machine recipes require no more than that.

Unless you’re preparing a loaf that includes fruits, nuts, or seeds, in which case a beep will tell you when to add those additional ingredients, you don’t need to do anything else after that.

Additionally, many bread machines can be programmed to complete at a predetermined time. To make the bread ahead of time, you can put in the ingredients before going to work in the morning and set a timer.

Combining it with a hearty soup cooked in the slow cooker allows for the convenience of prepping your entire dinner in the morning and returning home to a meal that’s ready to eat.


While not everyone will benefit financially from investing in a bread machine, many of us will. When evaluating the cost-effectiveness of bread machines, we usually do not compare them to hand-made bread but rather to equivalent bread purchased from a grocery shop or bakery.

If you have the time and no impediment to making bread by hand whenever you want, investing in a bread machine makes no economic sense.

On the other hand, if you frequently purchase bread at the grocery store due to a lack of time to prepare it at home, a bread machine will likely pay for itself within a few months.

Before we continue, allow me to make one caveat—if you purchase the cheapest bread at the grocery store, the loaves cost around $1, baking bread at home is not a significant cost reduction.

However, the majority of us bakers are a bit more lovers when it comes to bread. We enjoy beautiful bread made with natural, healthful ingredients, which are more expensive at the grocery store. That is where the actual cost savings of a bread machine become apparent.

Because the essential ingredients are often relatively affordable, mainly when purchased in bulk, you’ll find that a bread machine enables you to make the artisan bread of your choosing at a meager cost.

Maintaining a cool kitchen throughout the warmer months.

This is a significant benefit throughout the summer. Have you ever avoided baking bread because you couldn’t take the notion of the oven heating the house? If this is the case, a bread machine is almost certainly a wise buy.

Most bread machines generate relatively little heat, significantly less than a conventional oven; hence, you can bake bread without worry throughout the year.



Unfortunately, bread produced by a bread machine is not usually as visually beautiful as bread molded and shaped by hand.

The most significant disadvantage is that they frequently have an indentation in the bottom from the blade. This is not an important issue, and the extent to which this occurs varies slightly between machines, but it is worth noting.

Another issue is that loaves produced in the bread machine are occasionally somewhat unbalanced on top; you may notice that one side is a little higher than the other. This is not a common occurrence, but it does occur.

Of course, this issue occasionally occurs with hand-formed loaves, but in my experience, it appears considerably more frequently with bread machines.

Initial investment

A bread machine may be a significant investment, especially if you choose a top-of-the-line model, so we wanted to highlight this as a possible downside.

If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to think about either purchasing a budget-friendly bread machine or delaying the purchase until a more convenient time comes along.

Space for storing

Because not everyone has unlimited cabinet space, we must carefully analyze the space needs of each conceivable kitchen gadget or appliance

Unfortunately, bread machines do take up some space, so if you live in a small apartment or have a tiny kitchen, you’ll want to keep this in mind.


Bread machines are fantastic time savers, and many of us use them weekly. They are, however, an investment, and it is critical to thoroughly assess the benefits and potential drawbacks before making a purchase.

Hopefully, with this information, you’ll be able to make the best choice possible for your particular circumstances and requirements.

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